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A donation is the best show of solidarity that can exist and your collaboration is vital for us. Thanks to your financial contributions you can permanently help people who are in a vulnerable situation in Colombia: boys, girls, youth, adults, ethnic groups and anyone linked to our programs.

Every little gesture adds up. Thank you for making it possible.

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About Us

Corporación Red Pangea

Corporación Red Pangea was born from the idea of ​​a global vision of humanitarian aid without divisions, without nationalities as barriers, all understood as a great united Pangea, where cooperative, community and non-assistance work can impact a person and It can be a replicator, improving the world of others.

Our history is the history that we see reflected in the community, motivated to carry out programs from the transparency that impact the less favored communities or to provide the tools to enhance the skills that they possess.

We weave this story day by day, and we learn from each other, because each living being that steps on this planet has an incredible story to build. Join us to continue creating ours.


We are a multidisciplinary and enthusiastic team, highly qualified, in charge of executing plans, programs and projects aimed at people and communities.

Helena Patricia Palomino Reyes

Founder. Master in Psychology

Psychologist Magister in psychological intervention in clinical and health settings, director of different mental health and community care projects aimed at vulnerable populations at the national level, has training in screening tests, Positive Psychology and training in ZOE (Zones de Orientación Escolar ), coordinates and directs the strategy in different vulnerable areas of the country, is an advisor and director of projects in Spain and Colombia. He performs therapeutic care with a potentiating approach to his own personal capacities, alternating between Cognitive-Behavioral-Positive Psychology and Mindfulness techniques.

In 2015, she was recognized as an outstanding citizen in processes of mental health and social coexistence by the Government of Santander and the Ministry of Health due to the psychosocial characterization of the U’WA indigenous community located in Santander, leaving the first cross-cultural input in the department of Santander.

Jennifer Stefania Rojas


Psychologist with experience in social projects, psychosocial and clinical care in vulnerable and non-vulnerable populations, with extensive knowledge in screening tests, human rights, and management and analysis.

It stands out for its communicative, emotional and social skills, it is constantly renewing the teaching and learning methodology, taking this premise as the necessary construct for the success of its profession, assuming with a high degree of commitment and responsibility the fulfillment of the proposed objectives .

Indira Peña

Social Worker

Social Worker with experience in project coordination and management in different areas of Colombia, with more than 10 years of experience in community work and mental health, with skills to work on implementation issues of the User Information and Attention System (SIAU ), intervention with administrative personnel in a health entity, works in the field of mental health with vulnerable and non-vulnerable populations in defense of human rights.

Evelyn Newmark

Financial Administrator

Financial Administrator with experience in working with vulnerable and non-vulnerable populations, Listening Zones, projects in favor of citizen coexistence and human rights and coordination of work teams, among others. With training in the ZOE Model as part of the Public Policy of the Ministry of Social Protection (MPS) in Colombia.

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